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Joshua King Over the next few weeks, I will be reviewing the 2021 iPad Pro 11"! I am super stoked because I have always stayed in the Android ecosystem. Can't wait!
apple imac David Stevens Can someone explain how a white bezels is ok on an iMac? Would you buy a TV with a white bezel? Tablet? Phone etc…I’m trying to keep up with the mental gymnastics again and it ain’t working out for me. apple imac
jonny of the blood islands At least I had my tablet w me at school today
TechnoSports Mini-LED production problems lead to delay in M1 iPad Pro release
LTC Community Coalition 🎥💻Now playing at a computer/phone/tablet near you... "Nursing Home Advocacy Priorities for 2021 & Beyond"
Bree (tweeting from the writing cave) What I have learned today is that there are two types of people: people who read one more chapter before bed and people who stop reading when dropping the phone/book/tablet on their face while falling asleep finally concusses them.
TelecomLead Arm lost share in smartphone and tablet graphics processing unit (GPU) market
Lyd Here’s how to ‘grow your own’ even if you don’t have a garden! via @MetroUK
😿 See how much I can color before plugging in my tablet 2021 challenge
kfp TakanashiKiara TZKK Am tablet frog kfp TakanashiKiara
Apple iPad Jennifer C. Unboxing video shows off Apple’s swanky new white Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro
Sue Miley Ahaha. Here, Sara Chidouin, have this tablet
jojoscircuses Can they PLEASE ship my tablet pen????? I got things to draw
polarbearjohn My roommate who's unaware of my furriness picked up my tablet to hold it and mess with it a little bit, and I had panic mode activate because I couldn't remember which wallpaper bg I left on it
rubber mood is my only mood My tablet arrives tomorrow; super hyped to learn to draw!
Jot Kailay A remarkable shift in computers I don’t think any of us has fully understood the long term implications of yet “it’s essentially the same computer as the M1 MacBook Air, the M1 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the M1 Mac mini, not to mention both forthcoming iPad Pro models.”
Yuri A T0HKA - c0mMz CLOSe (ᗜˬᗜ) Really want a custom tablet cover but i am too broke for it :((
TabloDialysis Outset Medical “Tablo's touchscreen is just like using your cell phone or tablet. The ease of use and step-by-step on-screen directions have been some of the biggest benefits," says Tricia Allen, BSN, RN, who led @AdventHealth Ocala’s transition to an in-house, all TabloDialysis program
Very AFK Michael For a breakdown of DOS2 iPad and some of my own thoughts check out this TechRadar piece. “Will players want more of that? Will people start saying ‘oh, this [iPad Pro] is a bonafide gaming device that we can have premium experiences on?’”
parents onlinesafety ScreenTime Technology Webwise Many parents can be concerned about how much time their child or teenager spends using their phone, tablet or computer. 📱⏰Here are some pointers to help manage technology use in the home. 👇 Visit for more onlinesafety advice. ScreenTime Technology
🗜KLAW🗜 Mom deleted twitter off the tablet
nikkinoo ✨🌸✨ Does anyone wave their phone or tablet around in the air trying to get a better signal? No? Just me then 🤦🏼‍♀️
asami*:・゚✧ Why is my tablet is taking so long to charge
MarvinMravin🔞 Day 0 of tablet drawing: I don’t know how anyone does this lmao Day 1 of tablet drawing: I don’t know how anyone does this lmao I’m gonna’ draw cubes for a year if I have to if it means I’ll get comfortable using this darn thing and build up the hand-eye coordination
Weezy You flying spirit when traveling he need the wifi to try sba on his tablet
Samantha Anyone use an iPad Pro for their photo editing and design software? Thinking about getting one
Festival webinar The Tablet Join us for a 3-day line-up of speakers at the inaugural Tablet Spring Festival 2021 which includes interviews with Sr James McMillan and Sarah Sands Day passes available for just £20 or a full 3-day pass for only £45 To book tickets visit:
KnowTechie This $799 cooking system comes with a decked out tablet and does all the cooking for you
Traffic Updates + Useful Info Buy a 2020 Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch, Wi-Fi + Cellular, 256GB) (4th Generation) from @PlentyGadgets. A12Z Bionic chip with Neural Engine 12MP Wide camera, 10MP Ultra Wide came 12.9-inch edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display with ProMotion True Tone, and P3 wide color *
SHRMCertification Skills-Farm Pursuing the self-study option for the SHRMCertification exam gives you the ultimate flexibility to access your materials 24/7 at any given time on your computer, tablet or mobile device. Fori nquiries call 0810-922-5590
PitakaTips PITAKA Is your iPad's battery leaving you all out of juice at the worst possible time? Then take a look at this week's PitakaTips to get some top-tier knowledge on how to keep it going for longer.
asami*:・゚✧ Shssdjskdkekdkd im gonna let my tablet charge goodbye
Stephen Scowcroft Excited to work on another product launch—Say hello to the new @TOUGHBOOK S1 Android tablet, with next-level performance that will enhance flexibility and reliability for mobile workers:
Hari Dass Apple says new iMac, iPad Pro, and Apple TV 4K will be available around the world starting May 21 (Apple)
Bonk x5 from twitt*r In search of: 5G Got in return: an ouchie and a craving to buy a Microsoft surface
DT Research The DT Research 13-inch medical tablet contains the features needed to provide top patient care virtually including advanced video screening, software integration, and HIPAA compliance for the changing needs of the healthcare industry.
HuaweiMatePad MatePad Playfuldroid! Introducing the new Huawei MatePad with Kirin 820, 5G & Wi-Fi 6 connectivity 🔥 What a sleek tablet it is! HuaweiMatePad MatePad
Dan Holznagel The next two purchases I'd like to make are a tablet and a Go Pro
nathan I couldn't take my tablet and my sister was laughing at me :(
Yi CII COVID19 Young Indians (Yi) Young Indians present a One-Stop Multi-City platform for all the COVID-19 information and requirements and everything is verified! Swipe through to scan the bar code with your phone or tablet and get all you need to know about COVID at one place! Yi CII COVID19
Khairuddin Saw my cousin's 3 and 5 year old kids today. One had a tablet, the other a Switch. Kids nowadays got so many choices in terms of digital entertainment, compared to us 90s kids.... So much choices that, its almost...scary...
rae hex, big beefy chris redfield fangirl. If you haven’t almost puked from choking on a Lamictal tablet that refuses to go down your throat, are you *really* bipolar?
thang phan Apple's new iMac, iPad Pro and Apple TV 4K hit stores Friday. How to preorder now
nowplaying All Jazz Radio Nowplaying on AllJazzRadio: In a Sentimental Mood by Duke Ellington & John Coltrane Listen anytime on your computer, tablet or mobile
SHONTAVIA Johnson Hey @UpsieHQ, does your tablet warranty cover the remarkable 2? 👀👀👀
LanceaMillion You Aint stingy, split you tablet, wit me
bd77 Tenchou... really ah... Why you go for a tablet that DOESN'T have any buttons on it... On the plus side, the display is very good
android news droid Upgradde I just read The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK S1 is a 7-inch Android tablet you can beat the heck out of by @xdadevelopers android news droid
kathy kurbstomp Obsessed with the phrase "curse tablet [smart phone]"
Teresinha Roberts Tablet weaving inspired by a find from Kaupang 800AD. Woven with cotton dyed with indigo. Helped by an article from Bente Skogsaas
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