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Nyx 🌱 Sobbbb considering buying an ipad pro but the thing is I SHOULDNT be bccc I just bought my ipad like two ish years ago but it keeps crashing on me and acting laggy uuggggghhhhhhh I use it for both school and art so it's very important that it doesnt do that!!!!! 🥲🥲🥲
Aca Day 3 without a drawing tablet. my crops are dying
Plex_Activity_Pushes Tautulli (Station Deux) Alex (iPad Pro 12.9) has stopped The Goldbergs (2013) - I Coulda Been a Lawyer
Jushinnii Im just gonna start saving for a new tablet. The price of the pen is almost as much as the tablet I have right now so I'm just gonna see if I can borrow my sister's tablet for a bit (can I thought I'll give it back when I'm not using it)
Pablosaurs910🆖 Hope everyone is happy that I’m doing art more often now, I got that new tablet drip
Chaotic Simon (comms open!) Honestly, i feel like drawing with my phone is easier than with my tablet. i still want a new pen for my tablet, tho
The Oracle "I'm all ears." Sheplinks awaybat her tablet. "Who's on the hit list?"
The Anomaly🎱🖤 Fk. I still mad my tablet screen look like Spider-Man web. 😩 I have so much sht to do
🖤Ace🖤 False alerm, my pen tablet usb wasn't in all the way
SheSoLovely❤🙏🏾✊🏿 My tablet from 2020 still works
Nico The Shaymin I'm bout to start saving up to get another new tablet. my current one still works, but it's a lot more of an issue to take with me when i go see family and whatnot
sketchbook drawing selfportrait Ryan Allan/Eyekoo Felt like doing a silly self portrait sketch tonight... Infinite @PainterApp on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. sketchbook drawing selfportrait
✨Osephala the Sparkle Witch✨ Coffeeeee and getting my tablet set up
🌹Thirteen🍖 (100%💉) Still saying I’m mostly on an art hiatus, I have to go to a neurologist so art and looking at a tablet for that long isnt in my abilities
harlow thoughts Bite the tablet, elixir, disintegrate mouth's a mixer
McDonnellBot We need a new economy. It's Socialist mode of production, but Socialist mode of production with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
Jolly Green Access Open Sea Issues so we decided to extend this to 8pm eastern time tonight We will be giving 2 mystery boxes for Every NEW holder. On June 7, 2022 you will be able to open your boxes. Each box contains a prize (Random ETH Amount, NFT from Top projects, and Multiple Ipad Pro)
mobileapps Business Partner Mag You just need to read here how to have a good idea of ​​what exactly you expect from an application for a mobile phone or tablet and determine how to achieve your goals. - mobileapps
Leigh 💜🖤💔 #CriticalRoleSpoilers Since moving house I have no clue where my graphics tablet is
Yoshy 🏳️‍🌈 || BLM There is an artist on the train with me and they are currently drawing on their tablet. And in the ten minutes we have been taking the train together they have redrawn this one hand so many times. They seem kinda desperate from their facial expression. Being an artist seems hard
Bebé Oh sh-t, tomorrow I get my digitizer tablet. And I didn't look for the wink-wink .PSD!!
Steve Oizumi, MBA HB 4136, which would have required the Secretary of State to establish a digital voting system allowing voters to cast their * electronically—via a computer, electronic tablet, cellphone, or another digital device. PDX Privacy: Cellphone voting via @eff
Mone't ✨ This man didn’t give in his tablet 😭 im like how you calling me back to back 😂
Queef Queen💀 Aaaahhhhh look at me doing things on my fancy tablet like a profesh! @MsVixen Thank you so so much! I'm getting the hang of these controls little by little.
Neronian Neko (freaked in the head) Lord I need a new computer I don't know how much longer I can handle tablet mode. Anyway I'm hoping for thoughts tonight
FourWeekMBA Google Pixel Tablet: everything we know so far
morgan Tablet got here, cpu doesn't have integrated graphics though and my gpu doesn't have two hdmi ports so :/ gotta buy an hdmi to display adapter and that won't be here for a few days
Mavery ✨🐔 I was going to continue watching Total Drama tonight... Then I got carried away with a graphics tablet
LOON@COMISSION CLOSED I need to get a new tablet, probably a 2nd hand one
Sense Receptor Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has touted a digestible "biological chip" in a tablet, but how soon will the tech actually come to mass market? Here’s an in-depth breakdown.
araimi~n🔞 Clussy is also a real thing in the tablets cos Enkidu refers to his “vulva” that Gil “rejoiced to touch” in an old version of Tablet XII
Ashe 💀 Artists with tablet gloves be like
rae This tablet has gone through a lot
Panasonic Toughbook CF Dina g Johnson The Panasonic Toughbook CF 20 is a sincerely difficult 2 of every 1 lightweight device with a separable console that flawlessly converts to a tablet.
Blu Tablet acquired! It was slippery than i thought it would be, I'll get used to it eventually
Indy📌 First drawing I did on the new tablet also on my phone cuz that works now. Don't look too close it's a bit wonky
Plex_Activity_Pushes Tautulli (Station Deux) Alex (iPad Pro 12.9) started playing The Office (US) - Casino Night
Jim Mason Surely they could have made a more effective anti viral tablet by now..there is too much money tied up in the vaccine which is no where as good as first stated ..People are sick of the forever vaccine and i for one will not be having any more jabs .Vitamins are my new vaccine
Plex_Activity_Pushes Tautulli (Station Deux) Alex (iPad Pro 12.9) has watched The Office (US) - Conflict Resolution
drawing art OC ocart Amai Koi // Haitus My oc in his villain arc... Drawing the Galaxy part lagged my tablet- "It has been a while since I last saw the galactic space.. still looks beautiful as always..." drawing art OC ocart
Ҡɾąցҽɾ Ͳօʍą // I won't be doing any digital art until I get a proper tablet for it. If I'm gonna draw my own OCs, I wanna show the best quality possible. It's not fair for me to show only half of it. Once I'm on my feet financially, I'll get a tablet and start posting better art of my OCs
💌Darny💌 COMMS OPEN!! (0/5) This is a wip until I get my new tablet y'all just wait this finna be so good
Tokki Velveteen🐇🕰LIVE2D IS BEING STUFFED Everyone please take a look at wasu! They have absolutely wonderful art and amazing prices! They just got their tablet to draw back and could use some work to help alleviate the cost of it xD
Dreamcastian-Turnip!! (Commissions Open) Tablet came in! JingPad A1 is the first consumer-grade Linux tablet
Karen Figueroa Seriously, if you have issues with samsung, please post, cuz they are on my last nerve. So quick to take your money, but can't resolve a tiny issue as replacing a tablet on warranty. SERIOUSLY
Kenpachi Kannon🤺 Boy this heat different Today I would be on my tablet all day too hell
ipad apple ipadpro iPad Dealz 12" Apple iPad Pro Price Tracker, real-time prices and sales ipad apple ipadpro _
Zoey Nobes What is the trick or treat vid yall talking about??? my daughter has seen it and now she only wears headphones when shes on her tablet...what is the watching???
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