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🦩 C O R A L ™ Got myself a nice pencil for my tablet 😇😇😇
Andrew Scott ANGEL *mouthful of new ipad pro bernie was better at the room watching too much easier if you guys
GodOfKnockers #BlackLivesMatter On tablet. Linux getting updated. Cleaning up the Workstation
thembo bat with echo brainrot 🦇 I need to buy a new tablet so bad
slum city boy (he/him/his) “As above, so below” was such a prescient statement. It’s wild that we’ll never know who wrote the Emerald Tablet
Moo Spent too long installing this tablet and now i don't wanna draw
tabletstand textileaccessories disability homeaccessories Blue Badge Co Video calls with the family can be painful. Tablet stands can help ease the strain on your arms and neck. What were you thinking? 😉 Our fabulous tablet stands are buy one get one half price for 1 week. tabletstand textileaccessories disability homeaccessories
Barney Why should every Christian care about refugees? Former episode now available @The_Tablet
ninjago Sarah Ku🦄🎄 Ummmm.. these appeared on my tablet today! 🤔 Not leaks anymore I guess ninjago
kuna (real) Today i got my first ever cintiq tablet and i have no idea what im doing im not used to drawing like this at all pain
Shanani_mi ☃️ I made some drawings on my tablet, they are not very "cute" but the intention is understood ☺️
Mingu. Not me thinking this is the tip of pen tablet.
skilde This tablet is making me fall back into the 'write everything in caps' habit which I've tried really hard to break
(ᵔᴥᵔ) Right after i said to myself that its interesting how i never lost my tablet pen it literally went missing today
haleysig Me: look, I'm not giving you your tablet right now because it's not even noon, ya know? 3: No, I don't
ᴀᴜʟɪᴀ I have to turn vlive on my phone and tablet while tweeting 😅
arin // 뿅 🧡🤎 Used my tablet to watch minwonseok and my phone to watch dino and hoshi 🤣🤣🤣
Morgan I bought my grandmother a tablet for Christmas last year and my mom bought my grandfather a bunch of word search books. My grandfather has now completed nearly 2500 word searches on my grandmother's tablet
Jessica Holmes So I'm constantly losing my tablet pen and I finally had enough. A load of washi tape and some clear varnish later, I now have a pen I will lose...slightly...less often!
✊🏽Handoxthehand But Christmas✊🏽 What cheap drawing tablet do you guys recommend. Like 50-60 US dollars
🌟 I think i've lost my mind blurring the fact and the fictions while simultaneously fixing myself up with a girl named panadol bite the tablet, elixir disintegrate, mouth's a mixer i think i've lost my mind
Videomarketing DigitalMarketing The Partners Group While there will always be a place for professionally shot video, it has never been easier to produce video using a smartphone or tablet. Here are our top tips on DIY video making Videomarketing DigitalMarketing
osc objectoc 💚TestTube irl💚 BLM 💚 PFP by Qcumbers_ Mouse animation hard <3 but its 4am and i dont feel like getting my tablet set up so Cleaver <3 osc objectoc
David Craig - SEO Chap Cornwall ⚡ As we are poorly the kids have got early Christmas presents what we got in the sales £39.99 HD Fire Tablet, not a bad price for what it is ... however I think you need to be some sort of IT expert to load WhatsApp onto them and I really can't be bothered to mess around
iSaral Business Solutions Example of asset turnover ratio Rohit Tech Company is a tech start-up company that manufactures a new tablet computer. Rohit is currently looking for new investors and has a meeting with an angel investor. Reach us at or Call us @ +91 91080 24198
©ol Portioning out my day in 4 hour slots to keep on top of my cold and flu tablet intake. I'm due now and I feel it. Poor Mrs Col hasn't eaten for 2 days because she's vomiting and has a permanent migraine. I'm pretending I'm fine and doing all the chores. Welcome to the party house
Dr. Node Gree (Brown, Jack) broke their toe in an accident involving a military grade tablet that was frisbeed at them
Sumire When she was in the orphanage, the license number of a car involved in a nearby hit-&-run found its way to her tablet & then to the police
liria 리리 Classmates peeking at my tablet to look at the teaser and talk about the "guy with the apples" iktr
grace Him: if you knew u were gonna get pain, why didn't you take the tablet last night itself. Me: do you know how this works? Him: no! Me: okay, then shutupp... Im dying of cramps here
Colostomy_Baguette Years ago I spent 900+ dollars on a cintiq 13HD tablet.. I lost most of my interest in making art but I almost sold my tablet because of it. But at a last pain in my gut I refused the sale, which made me lose a friend. Now I will let my daughter use it. Makes me happy
Delphin ✨ Below the Citadel update out now! Great now i wanna draw alberose art but i dont have my tablet w me rn ;-;
halo Why did i just try and plug in my tablet pen with my phone charger
kairi I misplaced my stylus for my tablet so I need to find I need to clean and toss stuff
PCMag Mehdi BH Onyx Boox Note Air 2 No other E Ink tablet offers the build quality and software flexibility of the 10-inch Onyx Boox Note Air 2 Is it so good ? Your feedback is appreciated 😊
𝓢 𝘦𝘵𝘢 𝓚 𝘢𝘪𝘣𝘢 ♀️ The tablet may explain one thing, but her heart says something else. Her heart led to the moment happening... she's unsure, all she knows is that she's in conflict with herself now. Her heart has such a small voice... a small window to state an opinion of its own.
ciara || doctor who spoilers Chalk tablet towers is underrated
Wolf_ Since I'm not playing Splatoon mainly as of late, I think I may need to create a new pfp and banner 👀 Looks like I'll have to break out the art tablet again!
ingrata Manually inputting formulas for computations in ms word is such a pain, which is why i write the formulas and computations using my drawing tablet 😎
crimmus stremmer || caribbean ENVtuber 🇹🇹 Loving my drawing tablet btw
🎄 My rain sounds play 24/7. I also have our dog addicted to them. I initially got her a tablet just for the sounds, she’s since upgraded to a Google home.
Aether Sherif Aether my beloved ☀ I just bought a display tablet, hope it motivates me to practice and draw him more often with his many husbands Aether #空
Elissa but absolutely freezing Day 624 of Coronacrisis — Passed the first class of my MA - yahoo! Taught one class today. Finally got my SSN sorted after a very long wait. Tried out my new plug-in tablet in digital epigraphy. Finished Season 1 of The Witcher - still annoyed about Mousesack. — Elissa
Sastgamer No idea who this doodle cutie is, but I made her while messing around with my new art tablet
gadgetcentral Top100Kenyans2021 MsalitiMtKenya RutoAtatumaliza Gadget Central Apple ipad Magic Keyboard for ipad pro @ Ksh 42,999 ~Contact : 0712834056 ~FREE Delivery gadgetcentral Top100Kenyans2021 MsalitiMtKenya RutoAtatumaliza
Jayne Persian My new migraine tablets are $13 per tablet
JgokuBlack(COMMISSIONS OPEN) I’ve decided I won’t be making that much art anymore until I actually get a desk to use my drawing tablet on. hopefully I get it before Christmas. I’m just tired of drawing on my phone. I’ll try to draw one last thing tomorrow before I do though Commissions still open though
v Want to draw caitvi so bad fingers twitching eye twitching tablet looking like sunday dinner
90 Imagine goin to a gig wit a samsung tablet
ami Jimin was too stunned to speak. ang laki nung tablet 😭😭
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