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gadgetblog Microsoft Surface, tastiere con feedback aptico
Filippo Vendrame Microsoft Surface, tastiere con feedback aptico di @blogoit
ams ~ luwoo au 📌 Baemoon au where Kevin is an artist 👨🏻‍🎨 and graphic design is his passion 👊🏻😤and Jacob is his trust drawing tablet 🤪🤪
HolbyCity Sue Haasler It’s HolbyCity day- and here’s what’s in store.
Avatar Smart Homes Avatar Smart Homes is provide Pakistan best wireless home security systems just install in 20 minute and secure your home. Intelligent home solutions gives you the ability to control product directly from your smartphone or tablet. Intelligent makes life simple.
Iphone Paradise PSA: [UK] If your iPad Pro 2018 is bent and you take it into an Apple Store for repair, their diagnostic tool will lock and label the bend as accidental damage, taking a strike from Applecare+ or a full replacement cost.
Weisz💙 Because my tablet is absolute crud I have to wait until my new one comes in to draw :’)
Crwe World All you need to know about Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (3rd Gen)
MADE BY MC Anybody that knows about art tablets and can help me out comment on this thread. I am wanting to know what is the best device for "On the Go Art" I want to have an Ipad/Tablet to take out and just do digital art on.
GIVE ME VENTUS U FUCKERS All these ppl doing the KH Scene redraws and their Keykids just makes me even more upset that I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my tablet/ computer
MADE BY MC My question should be whats the best Tablet to use for On the go art.
raahgini This may be the lust talking but I think I love the iPad pro
freia lobo In case you, like me, are also obsessed with the version of Pure Imagination from the Microsoft Surface Studio launch video, this weekend I learned that it’s on Spotify
GeekWire Trending: Patriots survive against Chiefs to reach Super Bowl but coach’s Microsoft Surface takes a beating
Martin The new iPad Pro is truly a great device.
cheap2shop 2018 Fusion5 10-inch Windows Tablet | @scoopit
Riley Rose Play WorldCraft with Online Multiplayer for FREE NOW! Available only for your Android phone / tablet here:
Heather Nickel (maybe soft hiatus??) Someone remind me to type up at least the important entries (re: actually thinking about the pain) of my sort of pain journal for my appointment tomorrow. i meant to bring along the journal when i went to mom's so i could print it out b u t i forgot but i can get it on tablet...
Ramiro Ceballos I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Surface Quick Tip: Use your Surface or Windows Tablet as a Second
RubyCloud Today is the day i get a fancy huion tablet my guys
耳 @ store loud opening soon...👀👀 It's hard to see, but all the scratching on my tablet resembles a dbz character
❄️Sanako🌸 My friend started to do digital arts She doesn't own a tablet so she is drawing on her phone and I have no idea how she does that Give her love and attention please ;-;
Bonnie Consiglio Really want the iPad pro to start digital painting my sketches 🤤
Fast Tech News Hyper-Luxury 2019 Cadillac Escalade Retrofitted With Multiple iPad Pros, Mac Mini, 48" Curved Smart TV, and More
StudioFan So since I got a new tablet, I’m going give away my Wacom Intuos Draw (US residents only). So if you want it, create something on paper be it an illustration or animation. And post it here, then on the last day of February I’ll pick a winner.
Jeorgia healey It’s really not funny when a tablet gets stuck in your mouth and starts to dissolve and you can taste it 🤢🤮
Get Smart Film Festival Great news! Submissions are now open for the GET SMART FILM FESTIVAL and you can do it through Filmfreeway. Get submitting your smartphone and tablet produced films as soon as you can!…
Cece 💫 Remember how yoongi didn’t hesitate to destroy jiminie little balls when he woke him up with that annoying tablet lmao i love legends
ʇɐƆ 👑 Samsung is making a phone that folds out to a tablet. Apple hasn't thought of that. Just remember that when they copy another samsung product :)
Don Alias Dammit Coach threw that Microsoft Surface Pro on the Sideline could have sent that to me after the bad calls the refs made....Like I said ...Back to the Super Bowl again!!!!!!
Guillermo Cabezas Play WorldCraft with Online Multiplayer for FREE NOW! Available only for your Android phone / tablet here:
George Corral I liked a @YouTube video How to Install a Popsocket on ANY Phone or Tablet
Digitally Infinite CES 2019: Asus Chrome OS tablet, refreshed Chromebooks launched
FireEmblem Lucina Reven First time using a tablet. Pretty pleased with it, though I'm sure I can do better than this. FireEmblem Lucina
Clover Man, I LOVE when my tablet loses pressure sensitivity at any given time just because.
son love memories fun Erin Acker First camping adventure of 2019 for me and my son. Camping is sleeping on the couch, tablet, nintendo switch, snacks, movies, staying up late and making memories. son love memories fun…
Z 🌟 I liked a @YouTube video Samsung's First Tablet: The $5,000 PenMaster From 1992!
RAGTIME🍋 Does anyone have any good tablet reccomendations that are p cheap? Ive had a huion h610pro for like 3 almost 4 years now and i dont use any of the buttons so it wouldnt be that big of a change
Patriots News Feed Frustrated Bill Belichick tosses tablet in AFC Championship -
Creative Prompts Give digital art a try. Using a tablet or other device, create a piece in a dreamy style featuring coffee cups & book titles.
NFLChampionshipSunday Brian New Winners: - heads - Romo - “underdogs” Losers: - referees - overtime rules - Belichick’s Microsoft Surface Tablet NFLChampionshipSunday
CHSeaton 'Nofuzophobia:' The Roots and Legacy of Iranian Resentment of the West – Tablet Magazine
UBERU FIVE🍳🍙🍣 Finally home after 6hrs of being out, about to draw but tablet pen needs to recharge 🦑💢
Creative⚡️ Those new iPad pro’s so large .. need one of those
Azu the Pikachu New (left) vs Old (right) Wacom tablet. Time goes by fast, I got my old tablet in X-mas 2011 and @_BlueMoonKin_ gifted me this new one for my Birthday 2019. Those are the original photos from back then. Well now it's time to draw fuzzies!
Tyrannostradamus Calibration of my new Huion monitor tablet is complete. I just wish I could get over these migraines so I can actually play around with it. >.<
Marshmallow Upgrade/Update acer iconia tab 7 a1 713 6343 to 6.0 Marshmallow : iconia tab 7-7259.html Acer Iconia Tab 7 A1 713 Android Tablet. Announced 2014, April. Features 7.0″ TFT Capacitive Touchscreen, 2 MP Camera, Wi Fi, GPS, Bluetooth.Iconia Tab 7 A1 713
James Sunderland Metal tablet with ''Gluttonous Pig'' drawn on one side. Found it in the dining room.
Sanjoy Roy I liked a @YouTube video iPad Pro — A new way to host your own podcast — Apple
rias mommy I was thing to make a cute video on snap and Ah’Maria threw her tablet at my face .. It be your own kid 🤦🏾‍♀️
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